• Hazell McKenzie

What does it take to DREAM!

If someone ever tells you achieving a dream is easy

it’s a lie. Being able to dream is an incredible gift. Being able to imagine a successful future brings you a sense of joy, it brings down your anxiety and it gives you the drive and motivation to create more dreams. However, executing that dream, well that’s where the hard work comes in.

For me, executing a successful DREAM means;

1) Sleepless or late nights

2) Early-mornings

3) Being able to multitask

4) Growing a thick skin

5) Not taking no for an answer

6) Not taking things personal when others aren’t able to help me

7) Learning how to trust

8) Having a lot of doors closed in my face

9) Having people look past me because they don’t believe in my vision.

Here is what it took for me to get me here;

Personal challenges

Mental Health challenges

Bachelor Art in History degree

Master of Social Work degree

Successful autobiography

Television personality

Invent the next big thing to help detect sexual abuse in children.

All while being a working single mother of two.... I did that! I Am Doing that! ... SO I RISE.


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